Channel Renewables – renewables solutions for Jersey homes and businesses

Renewable energy is the key to a more sustainable future, and at Channel Renewables we work with businesses and home owners who are keen to explore alternative energy for their premises and properties.

Our specialist team can expertly install solar panels on properties, which power the building, reducing energy builds. We also install air or ground source heat pumps, which offer a clean, alternative way to heat a home or commercial building. And with the increasing use of electrical vehicles, we install EV charging points in homes and business premises.

Our Renewable Services

Heat source pump installation

Our team are specialists in the installation of ground source or air source heat pumps, which are leading the way in sustainable energy.

Solar panel installation

With solar panels you can generate your own renewable energy and our expert fitters can install them on your property.

Electrical car charger installation

With diesel cars being phased out, EV car chargers are becoming all the more essential. Our specialist team of electricians can fit yours.

Energy efficient consultations

If you’re considering renewable energy solutions for your home or business, we are happy to advise on options that are available to you.


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